Collection Procedure

1. Client adds an order to the system using shipping method "collection"
2. MYH (myWarehouse) pick, pack & prepare order
3 Client sends a ticket requesting dimensions and includes paperwork that needs to be included or attached to the order.
4. Once order has been picked & packed MYH will send the dimensions back to the client.
5. Client then arranges the collection
6. Courier arrives requesting the order quoting the Client name, order name and destination and the amount of parcels they have been booked to collect
We have found in the past Couriers are turning up with no paperwork do not know the order name or destination and do not know how many parcels they are collecting. If this is the case we will not release the goods so please ensure that the Couriers have all the relevant documentation and information. This rule is to safe guard you as a Client as we would not want to give a Courier the wrong stock due to Couriers not having the full collection information.
(Please be aware that this is an adhoc service and once we have picked, packed and added the paperwork to the collection responsibility is then passed over to the Client and their chosen Courier)

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